Learn to look

This workshop is an observation tool to detect problems sooner, to minimise suffering, speed recovery of your pet and reduce your vet bills.

The evening will consist of a power point presentation and a mid-way break will allow for a practical session and a refreshing tea or coffee. A friendly dog will visit for a hands-on demonstration. What you will learn:

  • Learn how to examine your own pet in detail and find ailments sooner.

  • Know what’s ‘normal’ for your own pet so you can recognise when its ‘abnormal’.

  • Know when it is a real emergency and what to do.

  • Save lives with basic first aid.

  • What to pay attention too that could influence the lifespan of your pet.

Upcoming Events

With these workshops she hopes to teach owners to be more observant and understanding of their pets health, as well as other pets/animals in the community that may be unwell and pass this knowledge on to other pet owners.

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