For kid’s that love animals

For Kid’s that love animals 

If your child loves animals, has pets at home or even wants to be a veterinarian, then this course is for them. It is of most interest to children who have a pet cat or dog, or who are preparing to own one. Many topics can be adapted to other species but you may find a guinea pigs heart rate is too fast to count!. Students of any age can register and 10 – 12+ year old’s can usually complete it independently. The youngest child to complete it has been 6 years old. Parents have found they have learnt from it too!

This on-line kid’s course was created while working through Covid lockdown, to provide kids with a learning opportunity while at home with their pets. It encourages fun activities and hands-on examination of pets (focused on cats and dogs) to gain a better understanding of pet ownership and responsibilities.

This Picton veterinarian’s unique KIDS ANIMAL CARE 101 COURSE consists of 10 topics sent via email over 10 weeks. A new topic is sent out each week (at the end of week) so can be done during the weekend if desired.

Each topic involves reading an illustrated email, watching 1-3 short YouTube videos of our real clinic cases or workshops, and answering 3 questions.

This takes 20-30 minutes per topic to complete, excluding the optional tasks and competitions. There is plenty of time and if you are having difficulty, then just let me know. Answers will be requested in groups, twice during the course (so progress can be checked) and at the end.

Topics are:

1. The Big Picture

2. The Essentials

3. What goes in must come out!

4. Every thing needs maintenance

5. The Rules.

6. Pet’s bubble with Fleas and Worms

7. A Vaccine saves lives

8. Your own pet check

9. Manners, control and training

10. Staying safe

There are also 2 (optional) competitions, with prizes, during the course for creative students to draw or make pictures. These are titled The Big Picture ( kingdoms of life) and your Pet’s Bubble with Fleas and Worms.

What the kids say

We really enjoyed the course, we did it together, but I think Rory got a lot out of it. He loves animals and we have 2 cats and 2 dogs so our lives revolve around them.

Anna & Rory 10

Next course (last for this year) will start on 7th July 2023. Please register your interest anytime until 30th June by emailing us your child’s name, age and school, town by clicking here. We can then send you bank account details for easy payment