Mouth Magic (or Dental Disease often ignored)

Have you ever looked in your cats mouth? Do you brush your dogs teeth?

Dental disease left untreated can lead to kidney and heart disease. It is a shame to lose teeth that could otherwise remain with some care and attention. I had a tooth out once because I didnt have my checkups. We go to dentists so why doesnt your pet. Usually this is checked at the annual vaccinations but some pets dont even get these. Many owners dont realize to look at their own pets mouth as it can save teeth and unnecessary pain.

How else can we help prevent dental disease?

  • Dental diets help clean the teeth during chewing

  • Dental chews daily also aid in cleaning the teeth while enjoying a treat

  • Brushing teeth at least every 3 days can help reduce tartar build up

  • Regular dental checks at least yearly

  • Monitering for bad breath, tartar build up and salivating