Where are our manners?

What is acceptable behaviour for dogs and pet owners?

We all enjoy our pets but do we all know the law that keeps everyone happy and respectful of each other. I didnt until I searched for it, but who ever does that? I dont think pet owners realize there are plenty of fines in the dog law!

Dogs must not intimidate (distress), endanger or injure any person, stock, animal or wildlife.

Almost every time I go on holiday I have one encounter of another dog coming up to us when I would rather be left alone. Despite my gestures, the owner seems oblivious to my feelings. Dont get me wrong, I let my dog interact with others but occassionally before a competition I want solitude to keep her and I calm without upseting incidences.

I hear so many stories of similar anxious moments where not only loose big dogs intimidate small dogs but also uncontrolled small dogs running up to large dogs on lead which still may be hard to control.

Everyone is entitled to walk a dog in public but please be mindful of others. We all want to enjoy the experience. Your dog should be under control at all times not matter where!

For more details review your local district council dog laws and also check out the Animal welfare section of Ministry of Primary Industies. A simplified version is mentioned in my complete Pet Health course.